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With students in over 180 countries, Education House educational system adapts to the diversity of its students through its open curriculum design.
Education House is the bridge so you can achieve your dreams.


We are a service and result-oriented school concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment; exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world.

Whether you are looking for Nursery, Basic, Junior, or Senior Secondary school online programs. Education House will support you to achieve your goals as we have done with thousands of our international Alumni.

Education House Solutions is a highly targeted curriculum with relevant academic content. During Phase One of the program students define the content of their academic journey keeping in mind their past, present, and most importantly future goals. Thus the program seeks for the student to define their future goals and dreams and work towards achieving them as part of their Education House journey. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all seek a purpose in life and the Education House encourages you to find it and discover the rewards of doing what you were always meant to do in life.

Education House helps you to exceed your limits, we support you to make your life easier and better, our education solution helps you make progress not excuses.

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